Sunday, 29 January 2012

Softimage XSI: Camera memos

Slowly but surely progressing with Softimage. Came across something really really cool just now: camera memos!

Essentially, these record the current position of your camera. So, for instance, if you've lined up a shot perfectly for rendering, you can basically 'bookmark' the position of the camera and jump back to it at any point.

Say for instance that this framing of my cube is absolutely perfect and I want to remember this for later, so I can jump straight back to it after I'm done making adjustments to the other side of my object. At the top of the view port are four small boxes:

Middle clicking one of the boxes creates a camera memo, remembering the exact position of the camera. If you pan/rotate/zoom around a lot, you can simply left click the camera memo to be taken back the recorded position.

 What's really great, though, is that you can have multiple memos on all the different view ports. Up to four memos per view port, so if you've got a nice framing of your object on the 'top' viewport you can create a new memo just for that.

Amazingly useful really, I could certainly have used this when I was trying to line up the model of the Macbook Pro with the desk on my previous project!

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