Sunday, 26 February 2012

Post-tutorial wall bounce amendments

Following Jon's (very helpful) critique on Friday I amended my first wall jump exercise!

We both agreed that my ball hit the peak of its stretch on the drop a little too early, and he also pointed out that my ball remained in the squashed position once it began the jump, which looked a bit weird — it needed to stretch as soon as it left the ground. There was a similar issue with the landing — the ball squashed before it even hit the ground.

My first amendment was better, but the ball was still stretched on the drop a little too early, and Jon commented that he felt the drop itself was perhaps a bit slow. I do think that the speed of the jump and fall is a little too uniform, so on my next amendment I made an attempt to speed it up slightly by reducing the number of frames between the highest and lowest points and slightly altering the fcurve.

The faster speed seems better to me, but I think the stretch is still too early! It also seems to me like the ball comes down a little too quickly — I may try increasing the ball's delay at the peak of its jump, or just slow down the beginning of the drop a little.

I also went back and tried to correct the same squashing/stretching issues in my other bounce, the one with multiple jumps:

Something still seems at odds to me about this one, but I'm not quite sure what it is exactly. I think that maybe the ball hangs in the air a little too long on the first (and smallest) bounce, or maybe that it doesn't hold its initial downwards/preparatory squash long enough. The ball's squashes on each impact with the ground are also quite quick/sudden, so maybe I need to look at holding the squashes on-screen for just a little bit longer?

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