Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wall bounce homework V2

Similar to the last exercise but this time I wanted the ball to execute four consecutive jumps in its attempt to get over the wall.

Timing's a bit shoddy so far - these are literally just keyframes on the postion/scale parameters. I think the last two jumps are okay but the first two look off to me. I think it needs to bounce just a little higher on the first jump, or at least reach its current point a little sooner. I think there's too big a change in maximum height reached between the first and second jumps so that there's not really the feeling of successive power being built up. I need to alter the points at which it reaches its maximum stretch on rising and falling as well.

I'm also thinking of adding a set of successively smaller bounces after the final jump as it comes to a rest and loses energy. Should have done that first really!

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