Thursday, 16 February 2012

Slide homework V3, take 3

Made a brave attempt at altering some of the timings. Most notably the ball drops with significantly more weight than before - it certainly looks more like it's dropping rather than floating! I also attempted some timing adjustments on the exit from the slide, making it a little faster as it flies out the end and hits the table. I'm still not at all happy with the change in direction after hitting the ring - the physics feel totally off to me. I don't even have anything remotely ball-shaped to reference, and clips on Youtube are only so much help!

I've made some minor adjustments to the ball's bounces as it hits the floor as well, manually tweaking a few frames to give a slightly smoother arc. I've sped up each successive drop as well and brought the smaller bounces a little closer together to help give the idea that it's losing energy.

I can't quite seem to put my finger on why the recoil off the ring looks so off. It would certainly help if I had something to reference. I've got a slight feeling it might just be that the change in direction isn't quite sudden enough. It looks as if the ball hits the ring with a fair bit of speed, so it should probably fly off in the other direction a little more suddenly. Think I'm going to have to keep playing around with it.

I have actually added some rotation to the ball as well, but you can't see it owing to a lack of pattern or texture. I captured a version with the wireframe visible so you can actually see the rotation:

I actually prefer it without the rotation if I'm being honest - I think it's a bit distracting, but that might be because the rotation doesn't make any sense. I have absolutely no idea how colliding with the ring would effect (or is it affect?) the rotation of the ball, and as I said I've got nothing to reference. I went with my best guess and tried to just have it change direction to roll in the direction it's moving but that looks pretty clearly wrong to me.

I'd like to try adding a nicer rotation to the drop and bounce, as well as have it slightly teeter over the edge of the table just before it drops. I think in order for that to work I'd need to have a gradual deceleration after it hits the ring, so it approaches the edge a little more slowly.

But hey, it seems to be shaping up at least! 

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