Thursday, 23 February 2012

Softimage - fcurve interpolation experimentation

More experimentation with interpolation and fcurves. Another set of three balls, each with the exact same keyframes, but with different timing as defined by their fcurves.

(Magical looping Vimeo version coming as soon as it gets processed!)

The first ball is a fairly standard example of slow in/out - the ball starts at a high speed and rushes out of the starting pose, gradually losing speed and slows in to the ending pose. It slowly retreats back out of this pose and slowly picks up a bit of speed as it makes its way back across the scren.

Looking at the animation ghosts for this ball reveals the movement in more detail. The spacing between each frame reveals the ball's gradual deceleration into the end pose. I've found that looking at the ghosts as I'm working has helped me to get a better grip on how the slope of the curve is altering the timing without needing to play it back.

The second ball appears almost cautious as it very slowly creeps out of the starting position then suddenly rushes forward to the ending position, leaping back and inching slowly back to the start. The movement is indicated by the curve's very gradual incline for the first few frames, suddenly spiking upwards as it draws towards the right side of the screen. It comes back almost as fast as it entered, slowing down again as it reaches the starting position.

The third ball is, again, a fairly standard slow in/out. I just wanted to play around with the unified slope orientation option mostly - it looks almost identical to the first ball, but the difference speed at either end is slightly less extreme and there is a little more of cushioning between the start and end points.

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