Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Slide homework V3 update

Little update on the previous animation, I've plotted out the ball's drop from the table. It bounces a little as it rolls away - there's a minute amount of squash as it hits the ground, but I think it still needs a little tweaking. I think the arc of the bounce is getting there but the inbetweens need a little manual tweaking to get it smoothed out.

I rendered out a  couple of angles so you can see it a little better:

Bit of an issue as the ball goes down the slide - as you can see in the side view, it's a little too low and the ball clips through the bottom of the slide. Luckily that's simple enough to fix, just need to adjust the position on some of the frames.

There are a lot of timing problems with the last section - notably as the ball bounces off the ring. It's too slow and moves very uniformly - ideally, I think I need to speed up the ball's entry onto the table and have it knock against the ring with just a little more force. The ball could then lose energy as it rolls towards the edge of the table, pausing as it teeters on the edge, before dropping down. The drop itself also lacks any speed or weight - I've not yet adjusted the timing at all, so that will be my next task. After adjusting the timing on the drop I may need to tweak the squash as it hits the ground first time, depending on the speed of the impact. I don't imagine it's a very heavy ball, nor is it too much of a drop, so I don't think it should fall too heavily.

Regardless, it seems to be coming together! The rough motion is there, it's really just going to be about tweaking the timings and adding a bit of polish now. I plan to add rotation to the ball once I'm satisfied with the movement.

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