Thursday, 16 February 2012

Slide homework V3, take 4

Still messing around with this one, trying to get that recoil off the ring just right. It's trickier than I thought!


It's kind of random, but I ended up looking at the above video for an idea as to how the ball might react on collision with a solid object. It looks like it actually keeps spinning in pretty much the same direction, so I tried to emulate that in the animation:

I'm still finding it quite difficult to get the timing on the rebound just right - the ball always seems to delay right before changing direction and no matter what I do, I can't seem to fix it. This was my best attempt. I guess I'm not quite getting the hang of manipulating keyframes! I did manage to reduce the delay slightly but that caused the ball to shoot off way too fast which I wasn't able to easily fix, given the relatively small amount of frames between the ball's position at the ring and the edge of the table.

I sped up the exit from the slide/entry to the table a bit but now, looking at it, it seems way too fast - a very sudden change in speed from the ball's descent down the slide. I'm going to tweak that once more to try and get a more consistent speed and then call it a day. 

I'm actually a bit more pleased with the rotation of the ball now, though - I had it change direction on the drop to the floor as it bounces away and it seems to have worked fairly nicely. One small success!

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