Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wall bounce homework V2, take 3

Added some more bounces towards the end as the ball loses its energy, also tweaked the fcurves in a similar fashion to the last exercise to give the impression that the ball is throwing itself upwards with more force with each successive bounce.

I'd foolishly only been viewing it in RT playback whilst I was tweaking the curves, so now seeing it at true speed in an external video player has flagged up a lot of issues with the timing. Looks to me like the ball hangs in the air just a bit too long and it drops a bit too slowly as well. I could either re-adjust the overall timing using a region, as before, or I could slightly alter the fcurves to rectify this. I'll probably experiment both ways and see what happens!

Just for added excitement, here's a quick snap of what my curves for the y position looked like:

Looking at the curves I can definitely see that the ball lags too long on the first bounce. It's a very wide curve, so I'll shrink that one down just a bit and see about adjusting the slope of the ball's descents from each jump.

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