Friday, 20 April 2012

Bowling ball V12 — V15

Version 12


Medium closeup

I've removed a little of the secondary bouncing, leaving just one minute second bounce as the ball slows down. The bounce is still slightly higher than that seen in V9 but I'm still not sure of the results; I still don't think the ball feels quite heavy enough. The movement seems too quick and, again, I think the higher bounce signifies that the ball is either lighter than it should be or has been dropped from slightly higher; in which case the initial drop speed should be a little faster.

I may either return to V9 or simply amend this a little further.

Version 13

Medium closeup


Reverting to V9, I've kept the slightly higher secondary bounce and increased the entry speed of the ball. I think, however, now the whole thing is a little quick; the ball feels heavy but I feel I should perhaps delay it at the peak of its first bounce for just a split second longer, to help give the impression it's fighting against gravity. There should be a point where the heavy ball is fighting with the pull of gravity, causing it to remain in the air, rather than dropping straight back down as it does here.

Version 14

I've increased the delay in the air; although now I'm wondering if it seems too slow?! As a final tweak, I'm going to do one more rendition where I keep the slope/width of the fcurves the same but simply shift everything one frame closer together, meaning the ball's delay in the air will remain the same but it will simply be quicker reaching the peak of its bounce.

Version 15

Only a very, very minor difference; the ball is just a little quicker now. I'm having difficulty deciding between this version and the previous one; I think I may have to leave it for the time being, and then look at it tomorrow with fresh eyes.

There are still alterations I'd like to make to the ball's roll at the end but I'm planning on doing that once I've decided which version I'd prefer to use.

Sorry this isn't as reflective/objective/analytical as usual; I'm beginning to run out of steam...!

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