Friday, 20 April 2012

Moom walk cycle V34

Version 34

And here we are - I think it was a little more successful than my previous attempt. Perhaps before I was trying to resolve too many things at once and got myself confused.

I've lowered the knee and leg just a smidgen on the passing positions; to be honest I have no idea if it's any better or worse! I seem to have hit that point of not really knowing either way, haha!

Actually, comparing the two, I do think it's an improvement. It seems to flow a little more smoothly and the knee is actually highest on the up position, which is more logical for a walk...! It's still an exagerration of a walk, of course, and still perhaps not as casual as it could be, but I think it's acceptable. I think it might be time to render this out and tuck it away...

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