Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Moom walk cycle V25

Version 25



A slight attempt at some head movement and some wrist overlap! I actually did it as a bit of a joke, was mostly just fooling around. To my great surprise I actually really liked the way it looked! I think it's a bit too over-exaggerated though, so I'll definitely tone it down a little. I think it looks a little at odds with the rest of the arms - they're not quite so loose. I think I need to offset the forearms slightly, then it might look a touch better.

Not sure about the head movement at the moment. I didn't really know what it should be doing, so I just kind of made an educated guess and I have no idea whether it looks correct or not.

The more I look at the legs, the more they bother me. Again I think it's mostly going to be a case of timing adjustment and offsetting bits and pieces to get some nice drag going on the limbs. I think it's coming together... slowly...

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