Friday, 20 April 2012

Moom walk cycle V32 & V33

Version 32

I tried mucking around with the position of the 'up' pose's leg. It isn't a great deal different - just a little further forward, a tiny bit lower and the foot roll has ever so slightly been tweaked so it's more 'in between' the passing and contact keys.

I don't know how different it looks to everyone else but I can see an improvement; it's definitely smoothed out the kick in the leg, but I'd still like to tweak it further. The foot seems to flip up and slap a little harshly, to me, so I may lessen the angle of the foot roll on the contact pose a tad and see if it helps. Version 33

Pretty much the same as V32, but I lessened the angle of the contact pose's foot. I'm not sure; it seems to have made a difference, I think, but I'm still not keen. I don't think he's so much stamping but I do agree with Jon; he's perhaps got too much height in his knees. I might try one more time to get that leg lowered a bit... I'd definitely like to get it a bit more subtle and casual if I can.

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