Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Walk cycle [upper block] V15

Version 15

Tweaking the positions of the arms a little more, trying to make it more of an arc - I think it's slowly getting there, but the arm definitely comes back too quickly (looks a bit like it's knocking against something) and there needs to be a bit more of a delay as it comes forward.

I need to get the wrist/bottom of the forearm moving in more of a "figure-8" type motion - I daren't draw on my laptop screen to check the arcs (this was expensive!!) but maybe I can use some Photoshop wizardry to try and nail the poses?

I was using the fcurve editor to help me fine-tune the position of the arms. It's much easier to control the limbs this way but the temptation is to start altering things like timing and whatnot, which I think is where I may have gone a bit wrong! Easy to get distracted...

I'm determined to get these arms done by today though. I'm still worrying about the refining stage and "character" walks...

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