Saturday, 28 April 2012

Moom action sequence V11

Just starting to look at tweaking the action piece, one section at a time. Timing's still shoddy, just trying to refine the hips and chest before I move onto anything else.

Here's a very small section of what I'm doing thus far...

The difference is barely perceptible. Mostly just slight alterations on how the weight shifts and how the chest/shoulders move... I think I've improved it, but it might actually look worse than the one I previously posted... or maybe because it's shorter all the little problems stand out a lot more. Eh.

Biggest issues that I can spot so far - obviously the arm still doesn't do what it should. The knee, as he turns, shouldn't change direction! I've also got to get that right (our right) foot to lift off the ground a bit better. In the video he pulls his foot back towards the chair, so as he sets it down I'll shunt it back a little further.

I need to look at how the weight shifts on his hips as he falls into the chair, too. 'S a bit haphazard at the moment.

I think it seems a bit slow at the moment, probably because the upper body isn't doing very much. The arms pretty much just follow the torso at this point, when in the reference they're quite loose and swinging around. Hopefully when I get around to refining the arms it will start looking a bit nicer...

Either that, or I'll be submitting some absolute turd. Gulp...

P.s. note the sneaky inclusion of Mr. Pin:

I'm cruel.

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