Saturday, 28 April 2012

Moom action piece V12

More tweaks and changes.

Mostly, again, hips and chest! I've altered the foot as he turns so that he brings it back towards the chair - motion is okay, I think, but the actual lowering of the foot seems a little slow. Need to tweak that.

I've tried to alter his drop into the chair so that it matches the reference a little more. I noticed that Sam veers very slightly to the left as he falls, so I tried to emulate that - only issue now is that he slides along in the rest of the keyframes! It might also mean I need to re-position the walk so that it flows from the new position but we'll see.

Other things about the drop into the chair - Sam's knees are slightly skewed - one sticks out at a slightly higher angle than the other. I'm guessing that's because his hips are slightly tilted but to get the same effect on Moom, I had to rotate them quite far in favour of the left (our left) leg. I dunno, having his hips point that way as he lands is a bit weird I think.

I'm not really happy with the drop into the chair overall, something seems really iffy about it. Not quite sure what it is? Maybe it just needs to be a little faster - I should perhaps delay the drop of his body so the legs start to bend first? I don't know, maybe that's stuff to deal with later.

I'm just going to maybe tweak the hips a bit more and move onto the next bit. Hoping to get this completed by Monday so I can focus on other things and give myself time to spare!

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