Saturday, 31 March 2012

Shuttlecock V13

Version 13

Spoke to Jon yesterday and he gave me some very helpful critique on this so far. He said he wasn't sure about landing on the feathers - shuttlecocks are, after all, bottom-heavy and so wouldn't tend to do that. Although this is what I observed in the reference footage I can defintely see his point - it's tricky to pull off and doesn't look right, really. Instead of landing on the feathers he suggested to have it go through a full rotation and land cork-down, then to have a little secondary bouncing towards the end as it loses momentum.

The other thing he noted was that it's very "straight," which isn't a huge issue, but he did suggest maybe skewing it slightly as it lands and have it bounce off at a slightly different angle to make it a little more interesting. He also clarified that the shuttlecock needs to bounce within the white square, which is easy to fix.

Hopefully the next couple of revisions will be the last ones so I can just move on from the blasted thing...

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