Saturday, 17 March 2012

Tennis ball reference footage

Finally got my greasy mitts on a tennis ball that bounces properly. How exciting! I've now been able to shoot my own reference footage for the ball, which I hope will make my life just a little bit easier...

(Please excuse the mess. I've not hoovered yet - I swear I'm not always this grotty)

I did a number of drops, just to get an average. I'm guessing the carpeted surface may have affected the bounce somewhat; but I'm just going to say it makes it more like the grassy surface on the scene file!

I don't really know which shot I'm going to use for reference. It's tempting to do one that's a bit different instead of a generic bounce, but there's the danger that it wouldn't look right when viewed through one of Jon's preset cameras. I'm probably just going to stick with the last bounce on the first video... it's a bog-standard looking bounce, but it seems a fairly safe option. Plus I'm getting a bit sick of tennis balls by this point!

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