Saturday, 10 March 2012

Tennis ball bounce V3

The ball now bounces across the screen rather than a straight line. It's definitely much easier to watch and, hopefully, to critique.

The problems become more apparent now that it's spaced out. Working backwards from the most obvious things, there are problems with the trajectory of the ball - towards the end it kind of lurches forward before coming to a very sudden halt which looks a bit odd. The ball shouldn't stop moving as soon as the last bounce occurs - it should probably still roll around or continue moving across the floor for just a little bit before slowing to a stop.

The timing in general seems to be a problem. The ball, to me, looks a bit weighty - it still doesn't have the energy and power of an actual tennis ball. I still don't think that it bounces high enough - potentially, it could just be a timing thing. If I increase the speed of its ascension it might look a little better. Tennis balls are fairly light and springy - they don't tend to fall too fast but bounce off surfaces with considerable force and speed, so I definitely think it needs to accelerate faster in order to capture that "springiness."

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