Saturday, 17 March 2012

Tennis ball bounce V10

Using the video I shot as a guide, I thought I might try and be really clever and use a quick diagram I drew as a Rotoscope image within Softimage.

I think it's actually looking a lot better. The biggest issue that I can see now is the rotation - it looks completely wrong, and nothing I'm doing seems to be fixing it. I've tried speeding it up, slowing it down, changing the points it starts rotating - nothing. It just looks weird. I think that the spin just seems to change speed quite randomly - for example, towards the end it doesn't spin much at all but then suddenly rotates quite a lot. I don't know. I'm really tired and I've been staring at this far too long. I'm starting to go blind.

I also noticed that I made a huge cock up and set the rotation keyframes on the translation control - I have absolutely NO idea how I managed that as I was 110% certain that I was selecting the rotation control each and every time. There was one point where, thinking I was being clever, I had two dope sheets open - one locked to display the translation keyframes, so that I would be able to see both sets simultaneously. It's probable that as I was keyframing the rotation control it was getting added to the translation dope sheet as well.

I'm erasing all the rotation keyframes from the translation control now; I just hope I've not somehow completely broken the rig...

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