Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shuttlecock V9

Version 9

Reverting more to the motion seen in V7, it's quicker and lands pointing forward rather than back. It also lands within the bouncing box rather than outside it. It also enters the shot from a slightly different angle.

There are no timing adjustments so far; it's pretty much the basic motion. I was actually quite happy with this one when I made it, but the more I analysed it the more I started to worry that it didn't wouldn't meet the brief; does it have to bounce inside the white square, or just land within it? I'm also worrying that it's not enough like the reference I used, it's not how a real shuttlecock would act, etc. etc.

On a more practical basis, however, the main issue is that first bounce. I think it still travels too far, but I did reduce the rotation so that it lands on the other corner which I think is looking better.

I do like the ending; it's not strictly lifelike, but it's a little better than just having it fall flat onto the floor. originally, I wanted to have it fall straight down onto the tip from the feathers but due to the nature of the rig (it rotates strictly from the ball end) it's very difficult to line up correctly. Absolutely none of my attempts to do so worked - should have captured and uploaded them really, but hey ho.

It probably skids too much as well. Shuttlecocks tend to come to a halt straight away when thrown, not bounce and then keep going forward like a ball does.

I don't know, I'll probably go back to the footage and  try to mimic it more closely. But it's a start.

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