Friday, 9 March 2012

Tennis ball bounce V2

Redone ever-so slightly. I've tweaked the positions of a few keyframes and curve slopes to increase the hangtime of the first two bounces. I think the whole thing's looking a bit too slow overall, feels a little sluggish somehow. I don't know how much of it looks weird due to the lack of squash and stretch - I think that, once I've put that in there, it might start to look a little better. As I said before the strict up-and-down movement is problematic. I find it quite hard to look at and analyse for some reason - my eyes tracing the same path again and again in quick succession make it quite hard to read so it's a little difficult to pick out what's up with it.

I think the last series of bounces (the really small ones) are probably still a little sharp. They don't hang in the air at all - I don't know if tennis balls do that? As they lose energy, do they drop from the peak of their jump much more quickly? All things I'd failed to consider beforehand; back to the videos...

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