Saturday, 31 March 2012

Shuttlecock V14

Version 14


Medium closeup

Started with some of the tweaks that Jon suggested; removing the feather bounce and adding in the secondary bounces at the end. It's sort of getting there now I think, though some of the timings are messed up due to removing keyframes and such. I think maybe it rotates a little slowly in the air as it flips? I'll probably look at speeding that up. Not sure about the landing either. It looks like it goes too far before coming down - like Jon said they're very bottom -heavy so I think it needs to land a little closer to where it is at the peak of its bounce. If that makes sense.

Not keen on the secondary bouncing either. I'm really irritated with myself - I got it looking pretty good in V9 and now I'm having trouble replicating it! I think maybe it just needs to bounce a tiny bit higher and rotate upwards a little more as it bounces.

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